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Regular Meeting Place:
10am, 2nd Wed. of the Month
FamilySearch Library 4766 Lincoln Ave., Oakland, California, USA

Past Presidents and Editors
Past Presidents Past Editors

1979-81 Carolyn Sherfy

1981-82 Edith Graham

1982-84 Jean Powderly

1984-86 Katherine VanMetre

1986-87 Marie Prichett

1987-88 Carolyn Storm

1988-89 Beverly Schroder

1989-91 Sally Stevens

1991-94 Helen Hawkins

1994-95 Blanche Sack

1995-97 Gretchen Kohl

1997-2000 Barbara Parkin

2000-2001 Wilma Elbeck

2001-present Sally Stevens

1982-84 Marie Prichett

1984-86 Doras Briggs

1986-95 Joseph Schmitt

1995-2001 Gwen Frankel

2001-03 Gretchen Kolh

2003-06 Jean Huston

2006-present Carolyn Storm

Thank you, Carolyn Storm (President 1987-88, Editor 2006)-present-day, who gathered this list of past presidents and editors.
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